Orlando and Central Florida gas fireplaces services.

"When the weather outside is frightful, let our fireplaces make life delightful."

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Your Gas Fireplace service centre.

We are contracted by most major manufacturer of gas log fireplaces, hearth products, outdoor gas grills, fire pits and patio heaters to service and warranty their products. We are fully certified, licensed and insured.You want to add a new gas log fireplace or repair/service the one that you already have, trust the experts to treat you right, call 786 239-8909

* Service Calls – Tune-Up & Troubleshooting  Starting at $169.00

Service calls and Tune-Up

Gas Fireplaces, Gas Fire pits, Gas grills, troubleshooting, tune-up and repairs at Orlando and Central florida. Service calls hotline786-239-8909.

* Starting at $169.00

Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan (APMP)

Enroll (APMP) and get year round 24/7 Priority Service, 20% Discount on Repair Bills, Safety Inspection. (APMP)program reduces unexpected service calls and safe your money!

Gas Fireplaces, Gas Fire pits and Grills

We can install your choice of gas fireplaces, fire pits, and gas grills for a night of entertaining on the patio.

Gas Lines and Gas Appliances such as stove, boilers, grills.

We can update your current gas line to code or install a new gas line. Connect gas line with appliances.

Remote Control Installation and Safety systems

A remote control gives you the ultimate in convenience by allowing you to turn on the fireplace from almost anywhere in the room.

Replacement parts supply. Valves, Ignitors, Burners, Thermocouples, Glass/Decorative Doors, Fan Kit

We are contracted by most major manufacturer of gas log fireplaces, outdoor gas grills, fire pits and patio heaters. We are fully certified, licensed and insured.

Service Calls – Tune-Up & Troubleshooting

Keeps the system cleanly and reduces unexpected expenses"

Most manufacturers recommend an annual Tune-Up for your gas fireplace. The result is a system that can help lower your energy bills, prolong the lifespan of your system, and keep your family safer. A Fireplace Tune-Up program includes:

Inspection and troubleshooting. With recording at "Equipment Logbook"

Checking and adjusting all settings to factory specifications. Testing gas pressure and system voltage.

Inspection and setting up: Automation Controllers and Safety systems. Electronic pilot system. OSD Ignitors. Spark Wire system.

Thermocouple, Thermopile, Spark Igniter, Burner, Micro Switch, Thermal Disc - Inspection and set up.

Replacing the glowing embers. Cleaning the inside of the fireplace. Ash Pit Drop Door Gas leaks test.

Service Calls – Tune-Up & Troubleshoot Hotline 786-239-8909Please do not hesitate to contact us !

Inspect & repair gas Fireplaces, Grills, and Fire-pits all masonry, gas valve, & pilot issues. Please fill out Customer Priority Request form.

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